Mortal Fear of Infinity

by Witchstone

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released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Witchstone Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: The Voidmouth
deep in the yew, solomonic sigils strewn.
denote the way, path of passage on that day.
prepare the broth, drain the blood with the head cut off.
whispered hymns, omens wrought.

why do you fear. we will bring him here,
to break the link between the realms of death and dreams.

inscribe the mark, symbols from worlds apart.
ignite the cedar, damiana mastic myrrh.
do not waiver else he will not appear.
all is done, now you wait in mortal fear.

even if it takes our lives, we will see the other side.
Track Name: Chronoshift
no rest, no sleep for the god fearing beast.
lunar light calls forth into the night.

mysteries far out of reach.
an endless search wandering the earth.

it has come. the chronoshift.
fear of dawn, for it dreads the suns.

crawl though the solar dunes, follow the crescent moon.
atop auroral peaks, long for mortality.
Track Name: Estuaries
gaze into the crystal sphere, futures form and disappear.
drift into the psychic sea, contains your pain, redeems your dreams.
collected by the ones that hold, the prophecy that's been foretold.
your fate is theirs, your mind's controlled, they hold dominion of your soul.

omniscient though without self sight, they prophets fall before they might.
stricken by apostacy, are rivers damned before the sea.
people weep in mortal fear, with word unwrit the end draws near.
but as was spoke and so shall be, you cannot kill the prophecy.

waves wash over me, and though the colours may bleed,
we all run to the sea. estuaries.
i submit to the tide, for all of us must die,
our eyes fixed to the sky, the prophet will rise.
in time the levy will break, the sleeping souls will awake,
and yield to fingers that rake.
we follow back to the ceraf, for no autumn may last,
we've done what we were tasked.
The prophets will rise.
Track Name: Maniac of Dane Hills
outstretched hand reaches forth from the black abyss,
her curled claw calling for you.
blinded by the illusion of endless bliss,
you fall straight into your doom.

following towering tunnels of smoke,
out past the precipice beyond all hope.
sprawled in the pentacle scrawled in the mud,
see that your future is written in blood.

chants of carnal compulsion control your will,
tethered by olde magick rite.
mounted and anointed by sacred lust,
you become her sacrifice.

conjuring cauldron controlling the wyrd,
destroying your flesh and dispelling your fear.
antediluvian spells old as earth,
honour the circle of death and rebirth.

enchantress lay me down, cut my earthly ties,
lay me in the ground, and shed my frail disguise.
take your blood filled bowl, and cast your final spell,
use my mortal soul, to paint your pledge to hell.